Do you push or pull film?

Colour films We push up to 7 stops and pull up to 2 ½ stops

Black and white The maximum push or pull will vary by film type and size, but generally speaking we push up to 3 stops and pull up to 2 stops. If you would like to know about a specific film type and size, please contact us.

Do you develop disposable cameras? Yes, we process both color and b&w disposable cameras.

Do you develop old and expired film? Our lab technicians are happy to develop any expired or forgotten films you have. Over time, film degrades and this results in a color shift or a fog in the base of the negatives which most times can be correct digitally.

Do you offer special Black & White film Developers? Our standard B&W developer of choice is the Kodak D-76 however we have a range of special developers available upon request.They come with an added cost and are only available by request. Contact us for more information.

What happened when my film comes out blank and how will I get charged? In the unfortunate event of a blank or severely over/under exposed roll, our technician will contact you to inform you of the issue and you will only be charged for the price of the film processing. There will be no charges for any other services linked to your blank roll.

How will I receive my files? Via WeTransfer. You’ll receive an email with a link to download your images and always be sure to check your spam folder. For high volume counts and for scans bigger than 20mb, we recommend you provide a hard drive when dropping off your film.

Do you process E-6 film? We do not offer E-6 film processing however we can cross process your film from a positive to a negative at no extra charge. Keep in mind that cross processing is intentionally developing film in the wrong chemicals, creating interesting and unpredictable colour shifts and increased contrast.

Super 8 film? We do not offer motion picture developing.

Do you offer any student discount? Yes, we do offer a 15% discount for students.

What are your turnaround times? Production times are subject to change based on film quantities and work volume. Our team will confirm turnaround times upon film receipt.

Our standard turnarounds: Colour (C-41) 1 Day Develop Only 2 Days Develop + Scan 3 Days Develop + Scan + Contact B&W 2 Days Develop Only 2-3 Days Develop & Scan 2-3 Days Develop & Scan+Contact

Do you offer a Rush Service? Please email us at to request more information about our rush fee services.

Do you ship internationally? Yes we ship internationally, however this comes with any of the additional fees that apply due to tax and duty fees.

Can I post my film to you? Yes, we accept film sent by post office or courier to our address: 20 Rue de la Folie Mericourt 75011 Paris.

How can I pay? We currently accept Cash, Paypal, Debit or Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) Electronic bank transfers and Mobile payments.